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The 'Eve'

Almost there!

So we have done the majority of the goodbyes, not something i have ever found easy, but we had some good nights out. I still have the hardest one yet though, the parents and the two hounds!

Laying in bed on the eve of my departure and I can honestly say I have never had such mixed feelings. In my innocence an 'eve' was a significant day, i may have spent 24 days prior to an 'eve' wishing away each day in turn, counting them off with pressed chocolate. As i have grown older other 'eves' included drunken evenings that ran into days. Days that we consider all our serious wrongdoings to be obsolete and the slate wiped clean. This all due to the passing of our lump of rock round the burning ball of fire that offers us life somehow, thus allowing us to make resolutions that we are of course bound to keep!? For the first time for a long time this will be the most exciting eve that I have experienced, along with the saddest and most nerve racking! It almost begs the question,'why the hell am I doing this?' But yet that desire is so strong!

The beginning of the week was met with poor results as Smith and I went to work attempting to book some of the hostels we would need during the first legs of our journey in Scandinavia. In reality it's quite obvious that Scandinavia isn't the greatest destination to start travels off from. It's among the most expensive place in the world as far as I'm aware! However it's always been a place I have been desperate to visit. If you are to look up for a reasonable priced hostel when working in a tight budget you will be very surprised, even more so on the first stop, Oslo! After deciding to reduce the amount of nights we were staying in Oslo, we decided to have another stop in Sweden, Gothenburg. Travel and accommodation by now was linking up well before we realised it was too good to be true! 

Not a single available hostel or even hotel on the weekend of the 24th of September! We made some phone calls with no results and we left feeling rather deflated after our initial excitement. Luckily the next day the Gods were looking down on us, as we found a hostel cancellation of a 6 person private room, which we jumped at. Thus, i suppose, the Gods were also metaphorically pick pocketing us too! At least we had a roof over our heads, and since then we have had relative success joining travel and accommodation. 

For a long time now this whole experience has been inconceivable but now it is genuinely sinking in! Hopefully after a whole evening spent packing and re-packing my bag I'll sleep soundly and wake up tomorrow with as much enthusiasm as I have always felt on the notion of traveling. Otherwise I'll look very foolish after making such a fuss about this travelling malarkey to be kicking and screaming, being dragged onto an aeroplane!

All we need is a successful, comfortable and exciting few weeks of our journey and I think we will embrace our new lifestyle and become fully fledged travellers looking at the world through new eyes and embracing the new societies and cultures that await our discovery! Next time I write I'll be on foreign soil all being well!!!

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It's just sinking in that I won't see my two best mates for a ridiculously long time! What will my travels to Thanet have in store for me! Meals with Charlie and Hutton? Messy nights out with Livvie? Strange evenings with people Im only pretending to know! Lol! You will have to most amazing time! Youll return ready to tackle life! And the reality that is living! Jealousy is a terrible thing but I'll freely admit my little green eyes right now! And I'm just proud of your guys for living the dream! Best way to say good bye is with a cliche I guess! Love all three of you! And just remember! Don't get ripped! ....ing apart! X

by Simon

Cant believe its time for you to go already! Your first blog brought tears to my eyes! Seriously though, be safe, and have a great time! You will be massively missed x take care hun xx

by hannah

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